Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am back from my vacation and feel like I need another vacation. Rephrase...I need a vacation with no children. Not my children, not anyone's children. In fact, maybe a vacation with no one but myself.

I sound so glum. Our trip to Florida was fun. We went shopping alot which was great. Except Mal wanted to "I walking" the whole time. "I walking" is her walking alone, no hands and no leash. No bueno. So we had to cut some trips a little short. We drove out to the beach, but it was rainy so we just looked at the water and all the crazy nice condos. On Super Bowl sunday we went to Sarasota Jungle Gardens. My Grandmother worked there in the 60's which is kind of neat. It has beautiful gardens, a flamingo pond (it was mating season so there was some serious squaking), tropical birds that will sit on your shoulder, alligators and reptiles, and cool animal shows. I was able to hold a baby alligator, and Mal had another fit because she was not old enough to hold him as well. She loved the parrots and the flamingos.

The day after the Super Bowl we went to Tampa to check out the stadium. My sister wanted to do this, not sure why, but whatever. So, in the pouring rain we took pics of the day after the super bowl. Let me mention that I didn't know the super bowl was in Tampa this year and I didn't even realize it was the week I would be in Florida until a few days before I left. I decided day of to root for the cardinals.

The weather was nice to me, but my Aunt said it was rather cold. Mallory was able to wear a tank top and shorts one day! I actually sweated a little bit. Then a "cold front" moved in and we were back in jeans. By cold front, I mean temps in the 60's.

We hung out with Great Grandpa...he will be 90 in a few months. Hard to believe! I must finish preperations for Mallory's 2nd birthday. This is even harder for me to believe.

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Wendi said...

Hmmm. The Superbowl was in Tampa? What's the Superbowl. J/K. But I didn't know it was in Tampa either and actually still don't know who played or won. Guess football isn't my forte. I'm excited to see you guys this weekend! Maybe will you email me and tell me how many people will be coming from your family so I know how many cupcakes to make? Thanks!