Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Great Imitator

So here we are...our family blog.

This is mainly a way for me to keep track of all the important milestones in our family. However, I realize that people like to know how the family is doing without needing to read all the crap on my MySpace or Facebook. So, for all those who enjoy reading about my little beasties, here you go...The Reynolds.

John (Johnathan, Johann, Daddy, Johanthan) is currently a student at Weber State University, Debbye's alma mater. Go wildcats. He is studying computer networking and trying out all of his newly learned psychological theories and communication techniques on Debbye. John is also working part time at Rooster's Microbrewery, consistently outselling everyone there, including his wife. In his sparetime he likes to wrestle children and taste test cookies.

Debbye (Debster, Debtastic, hey you, Mommy) works part time at Rooster's as well and prides herself on making people laugh. I will be going back to school in the Spring or Fall to obtain a teaching license. Look for me at a high school near you in the next 2 years. She is also a full time housekeeper/mom/laundry specialist. You should notice I didn't put down cook in that last job description. I don't cook. I reheat.

Braydon (little man, bud, batman) is living in Montana right now...we miss him a lot. We look forward to seeing him as often as we are able. He enjoys keeping the order around here and doing anything that Mallory can't do yet. He loves the pets, even when they run away from him in mortal fear.

Mallory (Mal-mal, Mallmsy, batgirl) is a very curious child. She enjoys pushing limits, and testing her parents' patience. She is learning a lot of new words right now and also stringing them together in to "sentences."

Words Mallory knows:

  • Mommy

  • Daddy

  • Kittie

  • dink (drink)

  • book

  • bease (please)

  • bee(s) (any bug that flies)

  • bug

  • bido (spider)

  • baby

  • guy (her eeyores)

  • chip

  • cooka (cookies)

  • cow

  • toy

  • tree

  • api (airplane)

  • deedo (Deidra)

  • anna (DeAnna or banana)

  • ory (Lorelai)

  • ampa (Grandpa)

  • bado (Braydon)

  • puppy

  • ugs (hugs)

  • lo (hello...she only says this when she is on her play phone)

  • hi

  • bye

  • see ya

  • going

  • see (after I take a picture of her with the camera)

  • candy

  • mine

  • doing

  • bite

  • help

  • uck (stuck)

  • ew

  • stinky

  • ball

  • money

  • outside

  • bum bum

  • nose

  • no

  • poo poo

  • too too

  • meow

  • tweet tweet

  • moo

  • ruff ruff

  • uh-oh

  • owie

ate (kate)

She also asks where people are going (daddy going?) or what they are doing. She likes to shut the door, any door, and say bye bye to whoever is in the room. She also knows where all the snacks are kept at our house and Grandma's and especially likes fruit snacks. She says please and thank you (when prompted). She is learning "I love you" in sign language and will say it sometimes. She knows several nursery rhyme songs...her favorite is "itsy bitsy spider." She knows "Wheels on the Bus," "Rock a bye baby," "Patty cake," complete with hand motions. She is learning the starfall alphabet and really enjoys the letters F-K. She likes to sit on the potty, but doesn't actually use the potty. She takes good care of her babies, taking them for rides in the stroller and feeding them in the high chair. She is fiercely independent at times, and always a dramatic actress. We enjoy watching her learn and I am amazed at how much this little girl teaches us.

I understand the children imitate adults as part of the learning process. Who knew they would look so cute doing so? Mallory seems to copy something new that either John or I do every day! Today I caught her putting her baby in his carseat (like a miniature one that her cousin Lorelai uses), grabbing his bottle, strapping on her purse and sunglasses, then heading for the door. Good thing she can't get it unlocked yet. Otherwise she probably would have driven off in the car. Just kidding. But seriously, when she is ready to leave she grabs her sunglasses then brings me my sunglasses and then waits by the door.

We are well right now. Looking forward to a trip to Yellowstone and Halloween. After that it is just a few weeks till Deidra comes home!